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Dreaming of the sea. Waking up to the sea. Experiencing the sea. Our mission is to give you a taste of the life in the Mediterranean.

Rooted in tradition but with new and exciting ideas. Welcome to a sustainable holiday experience.

We take holidays personally: A portrait of a family company

Our family-run company offers holidays on Mallorca with Swiss quality. We operate our own hotels in prime seafront locations, welcoming guests from Europe’s principal inbound markets.
Our philosophy is centred on people and a long-term vision. We take our guests’ holiday happiness extremely seriously, but also care for our employees’ quality of life and the health of our environment.

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We are Universal Mallorca Travel

Our company is structured in two divisions: a tour operator and a hotel company. As specialists in this Balearic island, Universal Mallorca Travel offers a full and varied holiday experience.

Our values set us apart from the rest: reliability, proficient service in the destination and a unique system that enables you to select your room number during the booking process. At the helm of the company is Philippe C. Erhart, the founder’s son.

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We are Universal Beach Hotels

The company’s Spanish branch operates 18 hotels on Mallorca and Formentera in prime seafront locations, offering a total of 4,200 beds. More than 800 employees share our commitment to providing our guests with effective and friendly service.

Decades of experience and a family atmosphere go hand-in-hand with innovation. Under the leadership of Yannik Erhart, the founder’s grandson, the hotels are constantly modernised, in keeping with their hallmark style.

This is what Universal Beach Hotels stands for

Our hotels combine the Mediterranean way of life with Swiss quality at value for money prices. Mallorca’s location is the perfect mix of a southern atmosphere and European standards of safety and infrastructures.

We have a strong sense of responsibility towards our guests, the community and the environment. For us, Mallorca is more than ‘just’ an attractive tourist destination. We are committed to conserving precisely those things that holidaymakers and residents alike love about the island.

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Strong roots: it all began in Switzerland in 1947

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The company’s Swiss founder discovered the island during his honeymoon in 1949. Alfred Erhart (1918-1998) was quick to identify its potential in comparison with other destinations, and opted to focus on air tours to Mallorca.

Complaints about the standard of accommodation led this pioneer of the tourism industry to build his own hotels. The opening of the Aquamarin in Sant Elm in 1963 marked the start of a success story based on simple principles: prime locations and outstanding quality.

Why Mallorca?

Mallorca is the Mediterranean’s most popular and versatile holiday destination. Stunning nature, a mild climate, wooded mountains and fertile lowlands, vast beaches and secluded coves bathed by crystalline waters – the island evokes a whole host of sensations.

It is adored by beachgoers and hikers alike, as well as golf and cycling lovers. Whether you are in search of a lively nightlife, complete tranquillity, adventure or the chance to bask in the sun, Mallorca has something for everyone, and is never far away.



Responsibility: a core value

The Erhart family has held close ties with Mallorca for decades. The company’s founder was quick to see beyond the island’s paradisiacal beaches and identify its many values. An awareness that lies at the heart of this business.

It is therefore only natural that Universal Beach Hotels carries out a wide range of far-reaching actions to protect the environment, ensure sustainability and underpin its commitment to the community.

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The Sant Elm Project: Contributing to nature conservation

A clear example is our support for the CleanWave Foundation’s MedGardens project on the south-west coast. We sponsor the regeneration of an underwater forest off the coast of Sant Elm. Working for nature and our guests.

Found in shallow coastal waters, Posidonia Oceanica provides shelter for marine animals, captures CO2, prevents erosion and helps to keep the water clean. Human impact has damaged the meadows.

More info about the

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We avoid single-use plastics

We systematically analyse where we can reduce or recycle plastic. Our challenge is to balance the resulting measures with our promise of comfort to our guests.

Communicating our actions is a way of getting the guests involved. For instance, simply by eliminating disposable packaging, each year we save 51,700 shower gel bottles, 123,000 jam sachets and more than 200,000 plastic bottles.

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Respect for resources

At Universal Beach Hotels, we are considering all possible ways of reducing our water and energy consumption, but without compromising our guests’ holiday experience. These range from introducing smart irrigation systems in our gardens to the efficient treatment of domestic water. In addition, we are committed to installing energy-saving technologies and, as a core strategic action, the adoption of photovoltaic panels to generate our own clean electricity.

A grant from Next Generation Funds has enabled us to install photovoltaic facilities in the following hotels: the adults-only Universal Hotel Cabo Blanco -, the Universal Aparthotel Don Camilo (Aquavilla annex), the Universal Hotel Castell Royal and the Universal Grand León & Spa.

These panels convert sunlight into renewable energy, reducing our dependence on traditional energy sources and our environmental footprint. By investing in solar energy systems, we are not only committed to conserving natural resources, but we are also providing our guests with a more responsible and environmentally aware holiday experience.

The journey’s end:
local sourcing

We involve our suppliers in our efforts. For instance, by replacing conventional toiletries with locally produced eco-friendly alternatives, we reduce transportation distances and boost the regional market for these products.

As for gastronomy, priority is also given to ingredients produced on the island for economic, ecological and experiential reasons: Mallorca’s wines, cheeses, olives, oranges and seasonal vegetables add a special flavour to the travel experience.

All about people

All our efforts are people-centric: we focus on the guests, our team and our partners. We understand ‘sustainability’ in its broadest sense, including the island’s social and economic wellbeing.

We therefore work hard to establish long-term relations based on trust. Our Mallorcan roots and vision as a family company enable us to combine business success with a positive role for our environment.