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Sports on Mallorca and Formentera

More and more people are choosing an active and healthy lifestyle, making sports and outdoor activities the principal driving force to keep them in shape, release stress or simply have fun. For this reason, here at Universal Beach Hotels, we’ve made sports and healthy living an integral part of our hotels and a value that sets us apart from the rest, enabling us to offer our guests a space that fits in with their approach to life.

We offer hotels that are within easy reach of Mallorca’s top golf courses, as well as the finest hiking or cycling routes on Mallorca and Formentera. Our hotels’ amenities also include modern, well-equipped gyms as well as programmed activities such as yoga and Pilates. Some of our hotels also offer you the chance to enjoy fabulous massages and treatments – just the thing after an excursion or workout session. We believe that sports and a healthy lifestyle have become an essential part of the holiday experience and here at Universal Beach Hotels we are determined to offer you everything you need to turn your time with us into lasting memories.

deportes ciclismo universal beach hotels

Universal Beach Hotels has hotels for cyclists that provide a full range of facilities for welcoming cycling tourism lovers, such as maintenance and repair services, as well as a bicycle hire service or storage space. Make the most of all the options on offer!

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deporte senderismo universal beach hotels

Mallorca and Formentera boast a wide range of hiking routes. The paths and trails, as well as mountainous areas and coastal zones, make these islands prime locations for enjoying this sport. What’s more, the starting points for all the best routes are close to Universal Beach Hotels. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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fitness deportes universal beach hotels

More and more people are opting for a healthy and balanced life style, incorporating sports and fitness activities into their daily routines. The facilities at Universal Beach Hotels’ properties include gyms, sports areas and activities. Come and discover them for yourselves!

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deportes golf universal beach hotels

Mallorca has more than twenty golf courses, making it the perfect destination for enjoying this sport at any time of year. Universal Beach Hotels has hotels that are just a short distance from the island’s top golf courses, making access easy...Don’t leave it to others to tell you all about it!

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Mallorca & Formentera

Mallorca and Formentera are two of the finest islands in the Mediterranean: thanks to their magnificent climate and stunning natural landscapes, they can offer a wide range of sports activities to be enjoyed in the open air. Both islands are perfect for trying your hand at all kinds of sports, including hiking, cycling, fitness activities or golf (in the case of Mallorca), to name but a few.

You’ll be captivated by their coastal zones, countryside paths and trails, and the wealth of historical and cultural heritage...If you love being in touch with nature and discovering charming and picturesque spots, Universal Beach Hotels offers you the chance to enjoy all this while you get in shape practising your favourite sports. We’ll see you there

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Mallorca and outdoor sports

destino mallorca universal beach hotels
destino mallorca universal beach hotels
destino mallorca universal beach hotels
destino mallorca universal beach hotels

Mallorca is an ideal destination for lovers of outdoor sports. The island boasts breathtaking scenery including mountain and coastal landscapes, offering myriad options for enjoying all kinds of sports activities.

Mallorca has a vast network of signposted trails that crisscross the entire island, making it an authentic paradise for hiking fans. There is also a wide choice of options for lovers of cycling tourism, ranging from easier, flatter routes along the coast to more challenging alternatives that venture into the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

With more than 20 golf courses, Mallorca is the perfect destination for lovers of this sport. Universal Beach Hotels has hotels within easy reach of the island’s top golf courses. What’s more, in keeping with its commitment to a dynamic and active lifestyle, Universal Beach Hotels also offers exclusive accommodation options with modern gyms, ideal for those looking for a simple way to keep in shape during their holidays

Formentera and outdoor sports

Formentera, the smallest of the Pityusic Islands, is noted for its natural Mediterranean settings, inviting visitors to enjoy them in countless ways. Its turquoise waters are perfect for practising water sports, while its Green Trails, which cross stunningly unique landscapes, are a great way of discovering the beauty of this island from multiple perspectives. Visitors can follow these routes on foot, horseback or by bike – any way is ideal for experiencing them to the full.

No fewer than thirty-two Green Trails have been signposted in recent years, and many of them are suitable for cycling. Indeed, the practically flat terrain makes this island the perfect destination for fans of this sport: the only exception is La Mola, with an uphill climb that requires an extra effort. Even so, the breathtaking panoramic view from the top makes it all worthwhile. How about discovering it for yourself?

destino formentera universal beach hotels
destino formentera universal beach hotels
destino formentera universal beach hotels