Outdoor routes near Universal Casa Marquesa

Are you one of those travellers that enjoys outdoor sports, discovering surprising places and exploring trails and mountains, making the most of every single moment? If the answer is yes, then Mallorca is the holiday destination for you… a guaranteed success!

The island boasts a superb climate and landscapes guaranteed to delight that are perfect for enjoying your favourite activities: cycling, hiking, trekking, Nordic walking and many more besides.

The finest routes in Colonia de Sant Jordi start just a short distance from the Universal Casa Marquesa and we will provide you with all the information and extras you need to organise your activities in the best possible way.

The best information for practising your favourite sports

The Universal Casa Marquesa can offer you maps and details of routes of interest, as well as the Outdoor Active route app, full of practical and useful information about all types of outdoor activities, maps, trail networks and details of the latest conditions – all from the convenience of your mobile.

What’s more, Universal Beach Hotels customers are entitled to a month’s free access to the Pro version of the app. Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you prefer to opt for a guided tour from the hotel, this service is also available throughout May. Ask for details!