Outdoor routes near Universal Hotel Laguna

Enjoy your stay on Mallorca more than ever! At the Universal Hotel Laguna we have the best options to turn your favourite outdoor activities into an unforgettable experience. Whether you choose cycling, hiking, Nordic walking, trekking or other activities, you’ll receive detailed updated routes and all the information you need to make sure your plan runs perfectly.

The best information for enjoying your favourite sports

Are you a cycling fan looking for alternative routes? Or a mountain lover that needs specific information about certain points on your route? All this is possible with the exclusive Outdoor Active route app. You’ll have access to a wide range of routes close to Canyamel, and will also be able to plan your own personalised excursions and consult updated maps featuring the full network of trails, current conditions and much more besides.

What’s more, as a Universal Beach Hotels customer, you are entitled to a month’s access to the Pro version of the app!

You can also ask for maps or details of excursions when you arrive at the hotel. Explore every corner! Whether you choose walking trails or cycle routes…we offer you all the facilities you need for an amazing experience in the heart of nature.