Choose your room Universal Grand León & Spa

Would you like to be able to choose the actual room you will stay in? We are offering you the chance to choose your room before you arrive. With our Choose Your Room app, you can now pick your room number, based on our availability.

Use our interactive map to choose your room for your next stay at the Universal Grand León & Spa. You have until 7 days before your arrival date.


  • With Choose Your Room, you can choose the exact location and number of your room for your stay at our hotel. Would you rather have a room with a sea view or one overlooking our gardens? Looking for a quieter area of the hotel, or do you prefer to be near the restaurant? The choice is yours.
  • You can use Choose Your Room from the date of booking until 7 days before you arrive.
  • If you have booked via our website, all you will have to provide is the booking reference.
    If you booked via another sales channel (online travel agency, tour operator, traditional travel agency, etc.), we will need a little more information before we can show you which rooms are available for your booking. In this case, you will have to provide us with the following details:
    - Booking reference
    - Name
    - Surname
    - Email address
  • If you have booked via our website, choosing your room is completely free of charge unless you require an upgrade (a higher category room than the one you booked). If you used a different sales channel to make your booking, the cost of choosing your room is €30.
  • Payment for choosing your room must be made on arrival at our hotel.
  • Choose Your Room is an on-demand service, which means that the final confirmation of your room number allocation will depend on the real availability for your arrival date.
  • To make sure you have all the information you need on arrival, we will send you an email with the details of your selection request. If you have not received this email, please get in touch with the hotel directly.
  • Room upgrades require prior validation by the hotel. You will receive a confirmation email if we have been able to validate your request.
  • If you change the dates you booked for your stay, you will lose your original room choice and will have to choose again. There is no additional cost for choosing your room again.
  • To find the perfect room for your stay, you can use the features filters. You will find a list of the top features, such as bed type, views, daytime light and room size, etc. When you click on the various options, you will see that the façades and rooms come up top, so you can find the room that is best tailored to your preferences as quickly as possible .
  • To change your room choice, you should contact our hotel directly, so we can delete your choice. You can then choose another room for your stay. No additional charge will be made.
  • If you wish to cancel or modify your room choice, please contact our hotel directly. If you have cancelled the booking, the room will be automatically released and no additional charge will be made.
  • Please check your booking reference and make sure you have chosen the right sales channel. Remember that searches are upper and lower case sensitive.
    If you are sure that the information you have provided is correct, but you are still unable to use Choose Your Room, please contact our hotel directly.
  • Unfortunately, due to operational reasons, you are required to choose your room at least 7 days prior to your arrival.
  • If you have booked more than one room, we currently do not offer the option of selecting them in Choose Your Room. Please contact the hotel directly if you require further information.
  • There are several reasons why no available rooms are shown:
    Option 1: all the rooms are taken for your chosen dates on the façade you are looking at. Select a different hotel façade to find available rooms.
    Option 2: all the rooms that can be chosen have already been allocated. Please remember that during periods when occupancy is high, the hotel may reserve a number of rooms for operational reasons. Please contact our hotel for further details.
    Option 3: check the information you have provided. If you have chosen the wrong type of room or entered the wrong dates, there may not be any choices available .
  • Please check your spam or unsolicited email folder in your inbox. We also advise you to check you have entered your email address correctly when giving your booking details. Please contact our hotel if you require further information.
  • Choose Your Room may not display correctly in some versions of older browsers. We recommend using an updated version of Safari, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact our hotel.